Megan Brodie Maier

My journey in photography began in 2010 when my husband gave me a DSLR camera for my birthday.  After unboxing the camera I couldn't get the batteries in fast enough.  I ran to the park and began snapping photos of everything.  I was so eager that In the back of my head I asked myself if this would be the type of hobby that would be cool and novel for a few months, then slowly fizzle out with my camera ending up in my closet collecting dust?  Fortunately, it never did.

A few months after receiving my camera, my best friend had her first child.  I now had the perfect opportunity to practice and found that I couldn't get enough of photography.  As more and more of my peers started having children, I took the opportunity to practice my new skills with their budding families and soon this hobby turned into a passion and small business.

In July 2016, I realized just why parents are so eager to have beautiful and timeless photos of their children.  The arrival of my own daughter sparked new inspiration in my work and made me realize how fleeting each moment is.  I cherish each image of her that I capture because looking on those photos even a few weeks later makes me realize how quickly she is changing and growing.  It's for this reason that I love to photograph families and couples; I get so much enjoyment out of creating art around preserving beautiful moments in our lives.

Thank you for taking interest in my work, I love meeting new families and creating new relationships through photography.  Please complete the form under "contact" to ask questions and book a session!